Monday 20 February. Sala Pereda. 10:00 & 11:45

Schools Campaign – Musical narrated in English


“Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer

Adaptation, Rick Limentani

Direction, Rebeca Cobos

Music and lighting design, Paul Micah and Mel Beadel

Set and costume design, Emma Jesse

Cast (native speakers): Lydia Robinson, soprano and soprano sax. Stephanie Prior, mezzosoprano, clarinet, piano and accordion. Connor Arnold, guitar, oriental mandolin and percussion. Matt James, tenor, cello, guitar and piano.

Parlon Film Company is a British company founded in 2006 and since 2013 associated with the Spanish Cup of Theatre SL, joining forces to create shows such as “Freedom” “Canterbury Tales” “Dear Darwin” and “Royal Flush”. All their productions have a double purpose: to teach young people values and matters of social importance, and to give them a closer understanding of dramatic art and the host of artistic skills that are interwoven on stage with the English language.

Friday 24. Saturday 25. 20:30. Sunday 26 February. 19:00. Sala Argenta 

Recital – Comedy


“¡Chist! Anthology”

The idyllic rapport between Les Luthiers and their Cantabrian audience will be rekindled once again on 24 25 and 26 February in the new show ¡Chist! Anthology. ¡Chist! Anthology is a selection of what the audience considers to be the best of Les Luthiers from their 48-year stage career. It also reaffirms of how the Argentinian quintet’s humour, characterised by its creativity, wit and irony, is still very much alive and kicking today.

Saturday 25 February. Sala Pereda. 17:00

The Palacio for Kids – Theatre


“Frankenstein, I’m not a monster”

adapted from the book by Mary Shelley

This new adaptation of Frankenstein is a free version of Mary Shelley’s story, focusing more on the vision of the creature and the human side of the character, doing away with the conventional clichés we have come to expect from the cinema or the stage.


Friday 3 March. Sala Pereda. 20:30

Classical Music



Beethoven – Brahms – Schumann – Prokófiev

In its endeavour to provide a wide variety of entertainment The Palacio de Festivales sees chamber music and furthering young talent as priorities. As a musical genre, we celebrate the fact that a new generation of Spanish performers of the highest level are making their way on the international music scene and we are proud that grand maestros (in this case Cellist Natalia Gutman) have adopted them as their disciples and we are delighted to be able to open our doors and to offer them our stage. Asturian Cellist Gabriel Ureña, accompanied on the piano by Patxi Aizpiri make their Santander debut with a classical recital that will leave no one uncertain as to their talent.

Saturday 4 March. Sala Argenta. 20:30




Coreography, Tim Plegge

Music, Sergej Prokofjew, Jörg Gollasch

Stephan Thoss, the new artistic director of the Weisbaden National Theatre Ballet completed his training at the Palucca School in Dresden with additional studies in German expressionist dance with Patricio Bunster. As a dancer he was a member of the Dresden Opera Ballet, the Komische Oper, the Kassel Ballet and has always been closely associated with the Dresden Semperoper, where he has also worked as a choreographer.

Sunday 5 March. Sala Argenta.19:30




”The Very Best of Dire Straits” brings back the greatest hits of Dire Straits between 1978 and 1991.Brothers In Band are in the middle of a tour that will take in Spain, Germany, France and Luxembourg, transporting us in their particular time machine with a carefully selected set that has formed part of the living memory of various generations.

Friday 10 & Saturday 11 March. Sala Pereda. 20:30


“La respiración” “Breathing”

by Alfredo Sanzol

Direction, Alfredo Sanzol

With Verónica Forqué, José Ramón Iglesias, Nuria Mencía, Pietro Olivera, Martiño Rivas and Camila Viyuela

This play tells us in a humorous way about the joys and suffering of a divorcee, Nagore, as she seeks to recover her self-esteem and start her life afresh. Thanks to the advice of her mother, who has an intense love life, this process turns into a real adventure.

Saturday 11 March. On the Argenta Stage itself.

17:00 & 18:30

The Palacio for Kids – A show for babies. Premier


“Algodón” “Cotton”

Creation and direction, Blanca del Barrio

Because we leave home looking at the floor we never notice that we always have new clouds. Cotton landscapes, constantly in flux, unique and airy. If we stop for a moment we can see Violet, a tall thin cloud who loves to show off, or Gaston, large, grey and proud of his big belly. Clouds like emotions caged in our hearts. Some are happy, dipped yellow in glorious sunlight; others frightened, with the light switched off. Each one with its own name, colour and emotion.

Thursday 16. 20:30. Friday 17 & Saturday 18. 18:00 & 22:00

Sunday 19 March. 17:00 & 20:30. Sala Argenta



Based on the original film distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

Based on the Oscar winning film, Priscilla the musical tells the amusing experiences of three drag artists who cross the Australian outback on a clapped-out bus after which the musical gets its title. This daring show reveals a journey seeking love and friendship.

Friday 24 March. Sala Argenta. 20:30


Judith Jáuregui & Pepe Rivero

Chopin’ Chopin

Accompanied by Georvis Pico (drums) and

Toño Miguel (doublé bass)


CHOPIN’ CHOPIN is a unique project, an authentic fusion of music which is both surprising and very personal of the two pianists Judith Jáuregui y Pepe Rivero. TWO PIANOS facing each other on stage, listening and taking the baton, accompanied by a doublebass and drums.

Friday 24. Sala Pereda.10:00 & 12:30

Schools Campaign

Saturday 25 March. 20:30. Sala Pereda

We love the theatre !!!


“Punk Rock” by Simon Stephens

Version, José Luis Collado

Direction, José Luis Arellano García

Nominated in the category for Most surprising show in the 2015 MAX Prizes, PUNK ROCK is the story of seven kids on the road to adulthood who are about to take the exams that will lead to university and permit them to get out of the industrial backwater where they have grown up. Pressure is utmost and every one of them handles it as best they can.

Saturday 25 March. talleres. 22:15

Wicked Palacio – Pop-rock


Kike, guitar and lead vocals

Pere, bass and backing vocals

Diego, lead guitar and backing vocals

Ibañez, drums

Stock is a Rock band from Reinosa formed in 2013. Its four members came from previous bands. Their music has many influences ranging from rock, pop, folk and indie rock.

Friday 31. sala Argenta 10:00

Schools Campaign

Thursday 30. 20:30.

Friday 31 March.20:30. sala Argenta

We love the theatre!!!

“Different loves” by Fernando J. López

With Rocío Vidal

Direction, Quino Falero

Life takes place amid a flurry of verses. Amid the pages that form our memory: the tales we were told as children, the poems we copied for someone as teenagers, or the characters who at some point we fell in love with.


Saturday 1 April. Sala Pereda. 22:00

The wicked Palacio El Palacio Canalla – Dance, Theatre and Competition


“Dance, you Damned

With Guillermo Barrientos, Carmen del Conte, Karmen Garay, Jose Luis Ferrer, Rubén Frías, Ignacio Mateos, Nuria López, Sara Parbole, Txabi Pérez, Rulo Pardo, Sam Slade, Ana Telenti, Verónica Ronda and Alberto Frías

Direction, Alberto Velasco

At a time of world depression and terrible misery, a group of all ages and states took part in a dance competition the winner of which would get a cash prize.

Thursday 6 & Friday 7. Sala Pereda. 10:00 & 12:00

Schools Campaign

Saturday 8 April. Sala Pereda. 17:00

The Palacio for Kids – Theatre


“Today I feel …”

based on the book by Madalena Móniz

Adaptation, dramaturgy and direction, Juan Carlos Fdez. Izquierdo

With María García Beato and Pablo Venero

Every day is a world of feelings and emotions that we live in a different way. We might feel curiosity, distance, tenderness, tiredness or other forms. And how do you feel today? In this play we continue trying to make theatre an educational way to reach young spectators in a direct way, using all the tools of the stage: voice, music, video, action, sculpture, movement, dance, etc.

Saturday 8 April. Sala Argenta. 20:30

Classical Music

Inma Férez, soprano

Agnieszka Grzywacz, soprano

Ariel Hernández, tenor

Marta Infante, mezzosoprano

Enrique Sánchez Ramos, bass



Oscar Gershensohn, director

Programme: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Mass in B minor BWV 232

J.S. Bach’s Mass in B minor – which uses the Latin text of the Catholic lithurgy unlike his other great religious work, St. Matthew’s Passion, a characteristic Lutheran work (in German) – is considered by many to be Bach’s choral testament. It is regarded as some of the most impressive music of all times. It was first performed in 1734 although Bach regularly revised it even up to the year of his death in 1750.

Saturday 22 April. Sala Argenta. 20:30

Dance- Premiere


Artistic director: Jose Carlos Martinez

Programme: FORSYTHE PROGRAMME (Premiere)

– Vertiginous Thill of Exactitude. Coreography: William Forsythe. Music: Franz Schubert: Symphony n° 9

– Artifact Suite. Coreography: William Forsythe. Music: Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita for Violin nº 2 – Eva Crossman-Hecht

– Enemy in the Figure. Coreography: William Forsythe. Music: Thom Willems

The CND today: Effort and creativity

The actual Compañia nacional de Danza (CND) directed by José Carlos Martínez for more than five years is the embodiment of the faith that the project of a quality hybrid national Company is a reality. Martínez has shown in this period of time that through effort and creativity a great deal can be achieved with limited resources. In their visit to Santander they will premiere three choreographies created by William Forsythe.

Wednesday 26. 20:30. Sala Argenta stage

We love the theatre!!

Thursday 27 April.10:30. Sala Argenta stage

Schools Campaign


“Verona” adapted from Castelvines

and Monteses de Lope de Vega

With Ariana Calahorro, Toni Misó, Mario González Serrano, Nicolás Illoro, Santiago Martínez, Gloria Román, Víctor Sainz Ramírez

Direction and dramaturgy, Jorge García Val and Javier Sahuquillo

This show opened on 21 July 2016 in the Almagro International Theatre Festival (VI Edition of Almagro Off) and with a special Mention from the judges for Verona by Javier Sahuquillo and Jorge García Val “for the link between stagecraft and narration”.

We choose a young cast because it’s a tale of young love, that lived by teenagers and it’s the chance to gibe Young actors to tackle complex texts. It makes no sense having Hamlet played by someone in his 40s or Juliet needing a walking-stick. There are stories we can’t tell if the people chosen for that purpose don’t fit the bill.

Saturday 29 April. Sala Pereda. 20:30



Stabat Mater_ Vivaldi Project

Vincenzo Capezzuto, voice

Claudio Borgianni, musical and stage direction

In English we might define Soqquadro as “putting everything topsy-turvy” and this is precisely what this magnificent group does. Soqquadro Italiano impose rigorous discipline in a project created by Claudio Borgianni and Vincenzo Capezzuto whose common interest in music, drama and artistic production is focused on Italian music from the 16th and 17th centuries.


Friday 5 & Saturday 6 May. Sala Pereda. 20:30



“El jurado””The jury”

by Luis Felipe Blasco Vilches

Original Idea, Eduardo Velasco

With Josean Bengoetxea, Víctor Clavijo, Cuca Escribano, Paloma Montero, Fran Perea, Canco Rodríguez, Luz Valdenebro, Eduardo Velasco y Usun Yoon

Direction, Andrés Lima

“The Jury”, a play that can be termed social drama depicts current Spanish society through two themes: corruption and justice.

Friday 12 May. Sala Argenta. 20:30



“Ricardo III” by William Shakespeare

Version, Yolanda Pallín

With Arturo Querejeta, Charo Amador, Fernando Sendino, Isabel Rodes, Rafael Ortiz, Cristina Adúa, Toni Agustí, José Luis Massó, José Vicente Ramos, Jorge Bedoya y Guillermo Serrano

Direction, Eduardo Vasco

“The life and death of King Richard III” is one of the 4 plays written by William Shakespeare about the history of England, in which he tells of the coming to power of the House of Tudor and the fall of the house of York.

Saturday 13 May. Sala Pereda. 17:00

The Palace for Kids El Palacio con los Niños – Theatre


“The adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

based on the novel by Mark Twain

Dramaturgy, Ultramarinos De Lucas

(National Dramatic Arts prize 2015 for Children and Young persons)

Director, Juan López Berzal

Based on the timeless classic by Mark Twain, the Ultramarinos de Lucas Company presents a comically bright version of the Adventures of Huckelberry Finn. In it, the child “Huck” escapes from civilization and a world where social conventions oppress him. He falls in with Jim, a black slave whose owners want to sell him separating him from his family. The two friends set off an adventure down the Mississippi River.

Saturday 13 May. Sala Argenta. 20:30



“Amor de los dos” “Love of the two”

Get ready to enjoy good music, because 2017 brings a Bustamante who is much more travelled and worldly with the recording of “Love of the two” that will caress your soul.

Thursday 18 May. Sala Argenta stage. 10:00 & 12:00

Schools Campaign – Circus



Juggling show in a corridor.

Jugglers, Guillaume Martinet, Van Kim Tran, André Hidalgo

Music, David Maillard, Fanny Roz, Samantha López

Distonía is a project produced by the Café de las Artes and created and performed by the members of the French company Defracto which conceives its shows as one might create a sculpture. They research, write and improvise to produce the raw material made from bodies and juggling. Once they have the clay they start moulding it, refining and shaping the work.

Friday 19 May. Sala Argenta. 20:30

Classical Music




Programme: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Well known to Santander audiences ever since his first appearance as a clave player 25 years ago, Rinaldo Alessandrini is today one of the most recognised conductors in the field of Early Music and an artist who is in constant professional evolution and growth. His reading of Mozart, that is subtle, transparent and incisive comes to Santander with a monographic programme at the helm of the Divertissement Orchestra and pianist Olivier Cavé, guaranteeing to evoke in the Sala Argenta the most brilliant years of the Salzburg genius.

Saturday 20. 20:30

Sunday 21 May. 18:00. Sala Argenta





Under the direction of Raul Alegría this unique show selects one of the greatest illusionists in the world, by virtue of his magic, originality and mise en scene. This gala called “The best magicians in the world” will surprise us thanks to their magic never before seen in Cantabria, and the combination of tricks and illusionism with different art forms.

Friday 26 May. Sala Argenta. 20:30




First performed on September 14 2014 at the XVIII Biannual Flamenco Festival of Seville at the Lope de Vega Theatre

“We’ll be brief this time, that’s the idea. We’ll get to the point. The music is what it’s all about: the music that has been played the length and breadth of Israel Galvan’s stage work, free of plots and scripts and theatricality. Red shoes, Metamorphosis, Galvanicas, Arena, the end of this state of affairs… the Real McCoy…ringing out naturally with the inertia of the body and rhythm. Just the music.”

Saturday 27 May. Sala Argenta. 20:30



“#quenonosfrunjanlafiesta II”

Monologuist and scriptwriter, leads the ranking of the best comedians in Spain. Defined as multitalented comedian his shows are a full display of talent: acting, improvisationamd music combined with the best humour, irony and cheek. David has been performing live for 10 years and 5 in the world of television.

Tuesday 30 May. Sala Argenta. 20:30

Classical Music



Roberto Beltrán-Zavala, conductor

Jorge Torres Saenz – B. Martinu – D. Shostakovich

Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad de Guanajuato

Tradition and innovation

“Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad de Guanajuato” (OSUG) occupies a privileged place in the music scene in Mexico as one of the most prestigious orchestral ensembles in the country with a solid international history of performances.


Thursday 1 June. Sala Argenta stage. 20:30



“Great women of the iberamerican song”

Irene Atienza and Douglas Lora represent a fascinating musical meeting between Brazil and Spain. Great classics from the popular songbook from various countries are revisited in their repertoire acquiring a sense of freshness in the interpretation that closes on the songs at the time of their original creation. Boleros, tangos, waltzes, bossanovas and sambas are executed in a sophistically simple way.

Friday 2 & Saturday 3 June. Sala Pereda. 20:30


El cartógrafo””The map maker”,

by Juan Mayorga

With Blanca Portillo and José Luis García-Pérez

Juan Mayorga, direction

In modern-day Warsaw Blanca hears about the legend of the ghetto’s map maker. According to the story an old map maker, while others died around him, was determined to draw the map of that world in danger. As his legs no longer could carry him and he couldn’t go out to get the information he needed then it was a little girl who went out to find what he needed.

Saturday 3 June. Sala Argenta STAGE. 22:00

The wicked Palacio


“Double Bach”

Stage direction and choreography, Antonio Ruz

Original idea and double bass (pizzicato), Pablo Martín Caminero

Dance and choreography collaboration, Tamako Akiyama

With Tamako Akiyama and Pablo M. Caminero

First performed 15 July 2016 at the Almagro International Classical Theatre Festival

Double Bach is a joint Project between musician Pablo Martin Caminero who came up with the idea of adapting the suites for cello nos. 1 and 2 by J.S. Bach for the double bass bringing both tonality and technique (pizzicato instead of bowing) and the choreographer Antonio Ruz. Thanks to the powerful dancing of acclaimed dancer Tamako Akiyama, the work proposes an intimate interior space in which the performers share and converse from a state of non-thinking and emptiness; accompanied solitude, a desert ocean, a blank canvas where music, movement and light (or the absence of it) evoke fragility, depth and imbalance. It marks a return to simplicity.

Friday 9 & Saturday 10 June. Sala Pereda. 20:30


“Escuadra hacia la muerte”

“The route to death”

by Alfonso Sastre

With Unax Ugalde, Julián Villagrán, Iván Hermés, Agus Ruiz, Jan Cornet and Carlos Martos

Direction, Paco Azorín

Alfonso Sastre set in the third world war a future yet imminent conflict as far as the author is concerned. No-one doubts that this third great conflict will arrive if it is not already here in a different form to what we have previously experienced.